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Whether you drive a Toyota Tundra, Nissan’s Titan or a Ford F150 – having the right type of accessories is important. Accessories are essential for protecting your vehicle or for keeping up appearances. Even if you are a trucker that drives over-the-road you still should have essential accessories for your ride. Let’s explore the best type of accessories that truckers can use for pickups and rigs.


Common Accessories for Rigs:

If you are driving a rig then you need standard cab accessories to make the most of your trip. A 12-volt plug in cab heater and fan can boost a driver’s heating and cooling temperatures when needed. All truckers should drive around with a standard CB radio. They are highly advanced and provide communication technology that smartphones cannot.

Common Sleeping Accessories for Long-Haul Operators:

A truck alarm is useful for drivers who travel a long distance and need to get short periods of sleep. A truck mattress provides operators with plenty of sleeping comfort. Especially when they have to sleep on the road. A seat organizer can be installed in a rig. It can be used to hold toiletries and other personal effects for long-haul drivers.

Personal Home Features in your Cab:

Technology has advanced so far that truckers now have a way to cook and cool their food. Slow cookers, microwaves, and mini-refrigerators can now be installed onto a truck. There is even a shower kit that will allow a trucker to stay fresh and clean while they’re out traveling. Internet hotspots and movie antennas can also be used to help truckers relax while they rest on the road.

Exterior Truck Accessories:

Bumper guards, trim kits and mud flaps are important for protecting a rig and even a pickup. Hood guards and bug deflectors help to keep bug stains from ruining your vehicle’s finish. Ladder racks are great for transporting items and cab covers are necessary for keeping a pickup’s back area water-free. Drivers can even add on wheel covers and spoilers to their ride. Pickup drivers can go all out with rims.

Personalized Truck Driver Accessories:

Sunglasses are important for driving in bright sunlit condition. Gloves ensure that riders can grip the wheel without a problem. A driver can even get a personalized steering wheel that is specifically designed for their driving style and skill. Trucking jackets and caps are also available for individuals who need to ride around in style.

Trucker Accessories for Function:

Here is a list of some more basic pickup trucking accessories that can be used for a function:

  • Bed rails to keep long items from sliding out of the back of a pick-up truck.
  • Bike racks that can be used to position and transport bicycles and even motorbikes from one location to the next.
  • Cargo carry alls can be attached to the back of a pickup’s bumper and used to transport extra items or cycles.
  • Headracks protects the top part of a cab by keeping items off of them.
  • Toolboxes, wenches and light covers are all great accessories for pickups that will provide function and class.

These are just some of the many trucking accessories that are available on the market for truckers.

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